About The Programme

Investing in Northern Ireland’s Heritage is the fundraising capacity building and training programme for Northern Ireland’s "heritage" sector led by Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL).

NIEL is the national forum and networking body for organisations interested in the environment in Northern Ireland. Formally launched in 1990, NIEL completes the United Kingdom network and works closely with Scottish Environment Link, Wales Environment Link and Wildlife and Countryside Link (and liaises with the Irish Environment Network in the Republic of Ireland).

Working with its membership base of some 70 full members and 45 associate members, NIEL’s vision is to create a valued, resilient, healthy environment by contributing to the development, promotion and delivery of environmentally relevant policy and by supporting and enabling members and others to encourage and deliver environmental outcomes and objectives.

NIEL has developed this fundraising training programme to provide its members and a wider "heritage" and "environment" constituency of organisations and individuals interested in "heritage" with an improved fundraising capacity to access existing and "new" and additional fundraising opportunities through philanthropic giving, independent funding support and earned income opportunities through conventional and social enterprise trading.