ACF launches project to develop best practice for foundations

(via UKFundraising)

By Melanie May

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) is launching a project to help foundations develop their practices in areas such as good grant-making, learning and impact, diversity, and transparency.

Starting in Autumn 2017, the Stronger Foundations Project will be co-developed with members of the Association of Charitable Foundations, beneficiary groups and other funding experts, starting with a one-day scoping event, and will identify best practice for foundations.
The project will aim to articulate a number of good practice principles underpinned by peer-review and training opportunities. Overall, the ACF anticipates that the project will lead to enhanced effectiveness of individual foundations as well as greater awareness and responsiveness to the concerns of beneficiaries.
Carol Mack, ACF Chief Executive, said:
“Charitable foundations make a huge contribution to civil society and communities across the UK, with grants of over £2.7bn per year. This project is about enhancing their contribution further by drawing on beneficiary views and leading expertise from within the funding community..."