Autumn budget 2017: what’s in it for charities?

(via Third Force News)

By Julie Hutchison

Judging by the number of times the word charities appeared in the main budget document, this may not appear to be a budget with big announcements for the sector, with just four mentions. There were, however, a number of specific measures which impact the sector.

Completing the Libor Charity Funding Scheme

A further £36 million of banking fines will be distributed over the next three years to armed forces, emergency services and other charities, completing this funding scheme. Over £5 million of banking fines will be distributed in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Projects to benefit include mental health support for veterans in the Scottish Highlands, training for veterans in north east Wales and support for injured police officers and their families in Northern Ireland.

A total of £773 million of funding has been committed from this source since 2012.

Reducing single-use plastics – could charities benefit?

After the success of the plastic bag charge in reducing the use of plastic bags, the UK Government plans to launch a call for evidence in 2018 on how the tax system could reduce the amount of single-use plastics waste (eg. bottles). Charities have benefitted from the 5p plastic bag charge, and it’s possible similar arrangements may emerge in other areas.

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