Consumers still loyal to their email accounts

(via UKFundraising)

By Howard Lake

Email continues to be a reliable method of communication, according to research by the Direct Marketing Association. Almost all consumers check their personal email every day, and nearly as many are still using their very first email address.

The latest edition of the Consumer email tracker 2017 report from the DMA reveals that:

  • 99% of consumers check their personal email every day, checking their inboxes around 20 times a day.
  • 83% still using their ‘first ever’ email address as their main account
  • 59% say they have never deactivated an email address

Of course, consumers have developed tactics for dealing with email volumes, especially from commercial organisations.

  • consumers have on average two or three email accounts
  • 44% of consumers have a specific email address to receive marketing messages

The consumers surveyed by the DMA:

  • believe they are signed-up to an average of 14 mailing lists on their personal accounts
  • use their work accounts to sign-up for just two of these. 
  • believe more than half of the emails in their inbox are marketing messages

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