Four great examples of demonstrating impact

(via nfpSynergy)

In a classic scene of late 90s cinema, Cuba Gooding Jr commands Tom Cruise – the film’s eponymous hero Jerry Maguire, a sports agent desperately trying to save his last remaining client – to ‘show me the money’. In other words, Gooding Jr’s character needs cold, hard proof of his agent’s commitment.  

It is perhaps a truism of our time, but accountability has never been more important to the charity sector, and in general. There is a growing appetite amongst the general public to, proverbially speaking, be shown the money.

Our most recent research with the general public confirmed, learning about the impact a charity has is hugely influential in a donor’s decision to support a charity. This ranked as the second most important factor in encouraging people to give to charity (after a desire for clarity about how donations are being spent), with 49% of the general public saying they are more likely to give if they learn about the impact of a charity’s work.

40% of the general public are also encouraged to give by case studies/stories about individuals who have been helped. Interestingly, this is higher among women than men (39% compared to 26%) but equally important to different age groups.

Communicating impact is not just good practice, it’s also an excellent opportunity to engage donors and potential donors in your work. Clear, verifiable and effective communications around impact can be very persuasive in bringing home a charity’s purpose and value to supporters.

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