Public happy to support charities that provide services for Government

(via UKFundraising)

By Melanie May

Most people are not put off from giving to a charity if it provides services for the Government in exchange for funding but do not want to see charities take on more, according to a new report from nfpSynergy.

The nfpSynergy report, Do the public think it is acceptable for charities to provide public services for the government? shows that just over half (53%) think that it is ‘very acceptable’ or ‘somewhat acceptable’, with 8% thinking that it is somewhat or very unacceptable. Two thirds (65%) of the public also say that knowing that a charity receives both public and government funding for the services it provides would make no difference to their likelihood to support, with 13% saying that it makes them less likely to support.

However, the public are increasingly unsure about charities playing a greater role in service provision. 41% said they would be happy to see this, while 38% were unsure, and 21% oppose it. This has changed since 2009, when 56% said they would be happy, 28% unsure, and 16% in opposition.

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